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Individualized Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training for Sports, Strength Sports, and Fitness

Trust the Body-Positive Sustainable Science-Based Compassionate Research Patient Kind Long-Term Process

Trust the Body-Positive Sustainable Science-Based Compassionate Research Patient Kind Long-Term Process

Trust the Sustainable Process


Your coach will begin with a thorough assessment of your movement quality using the skills and tools they have accumulated during their education and experience.

Time to Research

Your coach is then given extensive time to process the information collected. This includes diving into peer reviewed journals or looking to mentors for supplemental guidance.

Custom Program

A custom individualized program is then created for you based on many factors including your lifestyle, short and long term goals, current quality of movements, and current access to equipment.

Custom Adjustments

Your coach will send specifically curated follow up questions in order to asses the response to the training. This will inform the adjustments that need to be made to continue the path towards goals while considering your ever changing challenges.

Coaching Needs

How Much Guidance Are You Seeking?

Just Tell Me What To Do

  • For those that require the least amount of guidance
  • Goal Customized Programming
  • Tailored to Schedule
  • Video Demos
  • 1 FREE Check-In Call Every Cycle
  • Feedback based adjustments every 4 week cycle
$100 /month*

Check Up On Me, Please

  • For those that have a few questions but are mostly independent
  • Everything in Wild
  • Individually customized based on movement screen assessment
  • Coaching on Movement Execution
  • WEEKLY Feedback and Performance Based Adjustments
  • FREE Movement Screen Every 6 Months
  • 20% OFF Greenhouse Grow Team Membership
$150 /month*

Walk Me Through This

  • For those looking for more feedback and guidance
  • Everything in Outdoor
  • Priority Response (24-48hrs)
  • Individualized accessory programming based on continuous performance
  • FREE Virtual Session Every 6 Months
  • FREE Greenhouse Grow Team Membership Included
  • *Membership Highlights:
  • Access to Video Analysis Tool
  • 5% Off Purchases
$215 /month*

Exclusive Access

Quotes from Coach

Alex Schmidt

Co-Founder / Head Coach


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